Leaf by Leaf - Adventures to Four Continents

Leaf by Leaf

After a trauma of five years cooped up in prison, following Operation Julie, all Leaf could think about was freedom: space, big skies, wide mountains and recovery.

A born adventurer, a natural risk-taker and a seeker for truth, he left his home country desperate to escape the nightmares that are the legacy of incarceration.

His wanderings took him from the Himalayas to the southernmost tip of India, to Goa, Sri Lanka, Spain France and Guatemala.

For twenty years he searched until finally, he discovered new meaning to his life in Malawi, one of the poorest countries of the world.


Leaf by Leaf


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Available on FeedARead under Biographies and Autobiographies from early December 2016. Customers buying through FeedARead will be welcome to email leaf on leaf@leaffielding.com if they would like a personalised dedication label to print up and paste into their copy of the book.

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Leaf by Leaf will be available on Amazon and other book-selling sites in January 2017.

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